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Play sessions will be of 35-45 minutes 

duration dependent on the age of the child.

For individual children, based on their SDQ score, the number of sessions offered can be a short term intervention ( 12 sessions) responding to a particular issue or trauma - or a long term intervention (12+ sessions)  for higher scores if felt to be appropriate.

SDQs completed by parent, child and teacher are monitored at the beginning, middle and prior to the ending of the process.

Sessions are held at
The Space @ Shiregreen
A confidential space for both play and sandplay based in Sheffield S5

What is play and creative arts therapy and how does it work?

  • Sometimes it is hard to put into words what makes us anxious or concerned 

  • Neuroscience has shown that the brain is able to create new ways of thinking and being when creative playful activities are involved.

  • this is especially true for children who don’t have the words to explain 

  • but they can play, play can be described as a child’s first language

  • symbols and sand can particularly help people to find new ways of being

  • change happens when there is an open and accepting relationship 

  • therapy offers an opportunity for that sort of relationship in a safe and confidential space

Call me: 07748841087

or email: 

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