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Sandplay therapy is a great way to explore and resolve inner conflict or issues and find healing within a supportive relationship in a safe confidential place. It is effective for children, young people and adults too.


People are invited to create a scene, pictures or stories in the sand tray using small world characters. These characters can be symbolic but there is no interpretation just a reflecting together by the sandplayer and the therapist. 

Using sand enables people to engage with feelings. 


Sensory experiences of feeling and doing can help people to move forward in dealing with experiences of trauma and concepts within them they can’t understand. To quote Carl Jung “hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vein”.

Often words are not there to express someone’s deepest issues or concerns, their muddles and worries.  They cannot put into words how they feel about things and often don’t even know what they think or feel or what the issues are but if you play or express it in sand using symbols there is evidence that things can change. As characters are moved in the sand so the healing process can begin. This can be seen as people become happier or more at ease with themselves, are able to concentrate more, understand more and move towards reaching their potential.


Sessions are 45 MINUTES usually with time for a creative response too.

'I enjoyed my sandplay sessions and found them both insightful and fun.
Jenny has a gentle and creative approach which made me feel at ease and encouraged me to explore my issues thoughtfully.'
Alice - aged 30
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Exploring in this playful way enabled me to process what was going on in my life and to choose a new way of looking at things and behaving.
It helped me to rewrite my story and was part of the transformation of my life.
Carol - aged 50
A helpful explanation of Sandplay
from a colleague.
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