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Stories are a great way of finding and making new connections, seeing things from different points of view and are fun to share! Here are some stories that may help you to explore and imagine. The questions that could go with them all are about wondering.... I wonder what the story is about for you...I wonder which part you like best...I wonder what happened next...your answers to the wondering could be to draw something or turn the story into a play...or whatever you would like to do.

To listen to the story, click on the picture, to read the story, click on the story title

The Web...a story about feeling upset and finding space

The green jug... a story about memories and being found

Web Image.png

Sorry... a story about a boy who was always saying ...sorry!


Dreams and dragonflies

.....a story about change and keeping safe


The Hedgehog...a story about love and fear

Aisla the highland cow...a story about being seen


The green jug part 2..

a story about being still and moving on

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